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And then came the Spring...

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed... Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders."

Henry David Thoreau

Happy Spring Equinox /Ostara!

This is the time to celebrate renewal, growth, rebirth, hope and balance to plant the seeds we have been waiting to sew, as the sun moves northwards and is directly above the equator bringing us equal days and equal nights. Are you feeling the joys of Spring? Of entering new chapters with fresh energy and vitality? Are you clear about the seeds you have been cultivating over the Winter months and know exactly where to plant and how to begin nourishing those seeds? Are you full of certainty and know exactly what to do next and where to pour your energy? Nope? Me neither! If you are then go forth and grow and let yourself be propelled by the energy of Spring. If you are not quite there yet then step back, surrender, stay open to receive, be still and TRUST. It's quite a lot of pressure if you ask me - as the season is changing and we acknowledge the arrival of Spring that we "should" be leaping out of bed at the crack of dawn and we should feel ready to go forth and conquer! In fact on the run up to Spring equinox, as we surf the wobbles in pursuit of perfect balance we can actually feel quite destabilised and shaky. Let go of expectations from others or from yourself - shoulding never brought much joy to anyone.

I can certainly attest to having been put through my paces with a fair share of challenges lately. If you have felt this too, then go slowly... take the pressure off yourself. The strongest, deepest roots are those that root slowly and take time to establish. Sitting within equal light and dark is as much about recognising how far we might have come than focusing only on how far we think we still have to go. To put into perspective our journey through the seasons of the year, if a whole year was represented in one day then Spring Equinox would be approximately 6am. This is where we are now. How do you feel at 6am?

If you have had a lot to deal with lately or found yourself challenged, spread thin or in need of more rest, take it easy... go gently. Everyone has been through a lot these last few years. Major adjustments and recalibration.

Perhaps rather than piling the pressure onto ourselves to suddenly take action, know where we are going, clear out cluttered cupboards, Spring clean and make everything we want to happen NOW we might instead continue to hold space for rest whilst making small and steady shifts forwards, confront our challenges or resistances with compassion and kindness and start introducing more light energy into our days... whatever that means to you.

  • Where could you make space for the things that bring you joy?

  • Maybe you start to rise a little earlier, to gift yourself a few more minutes or hours in the day. Rising with the sun is a wonderful way to align ourselves with the energy of Spring.

  • Perhaps you could allow yourself permission to go to bed earlier?

  • How might you incorporate more ways for embodied movement in your day /week?

  • Maybe there are changes to the food we are eating /drinking that might help align us with the season.

  • Are there bodies of living water near you that you could draw energy from (even if it is just dipping your feet in or splashing your face)

  • Could you spend more time in water generally - treating yourself to baths infused with your favourite scents or healing herbs!

  • How might you make time to get out in nature more, to listen to the birds, to go for a walk, to get lost in the woods!

  • Where and who do you draw support from and do you stop to notice the blessings more than the burdens? How is your gratitude expressed?

  • What have you learnt throughout the Winter months that might serve you as we move into Spring?

  • How often do you celebrate your failures as well as successes? "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." - Margaret Atwood -

What lights you up and brings you joy? What inspires you and makes your heart sing? When do you forget about time because you are so wrapped up in the joy of the moment? How can we make more space for these things and release the pressure of making everything happen right here right now in this beautiful 6am Spring moment. We have so much more of the morning ahead of us to trust in the natural pace of life and trust in nature to take care of the details.

Be open to receiving knowing that we don't have to do it all ourselves. When the time is right, everything will fall into place!

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